Web Video: Help Mary Save Coral - Before

This is the video as we received it from Green Team.  They asked us for help with a soundtrack that was simply a short loop of music.  Using loops (and generic music from sound libraries) is very common in web video, but it represents a lost opportunity.  

Even with a cool sounding loop (and we like the loop in the original version), the music doesn't change with the drama of the story.  In fact, the music seemed to us to leave a melancholy feeling while the narration ends by talking about exciting progress, optimism, and the need for action.

The right music - written or edited to enhance the drama - deepens the emotional impact of the video and reinforces the message.  And good quality music is especially important on the web where the size of the image is usually small.  Even if a project's budget dictates using "needle drop" music, creative and sensitive music supervision can make the most of music library tracks.

Copyright 2007 Green Team USA

updated: 10 years ago